Official Paul Stanley Report

With all the promotion, hype and talk about the Official Paul Stanley Afterparty it could well have been one of those events which never quite lived up to the billing.

Judging by the fan response and turn out on the night, and the gratuities that flowed between Paul Stanley, his band, and KISStroyer, the night was successful on many fronts.

The party did not get more official than when the man himself, Paul Stanley, strutted into Crown Live with Doc McGee and the place erupted. Prior to that the awesome Rockstar House Band were in early to catch the entire KISStroyer show whilst Paul completed his meet and greets for the Melbourne leg of the tour.

We can tell you, from the stage it was an almost surreal experience to see the man himself indulging from the balcony as we belted out God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You, Rock 'n' Roll All Nite and Love Gun (after the crowd erupted into encore mode).

The KISStroyer set delivered some absolute gems and rarities, with fans really getting into the lesser played songs like Radioactive, The Oath, I Stole Your Love, and War Machine.

If we weren't already on top of the world after our set with comments made by a number of people in the audience, what happened in VIP was nothing short of amazing. Paul Stanley & the Rockstar House Band made quite a few comments in relation to our band and the show they had just seen - which absolutely blew us away. It's just an amazing feeling to have your idols and people you look up to as amazing musicians sing your praises. We feel very honored and privileged to have been given the right to play for such fantastic people. Thank you guys!

Huge thank you goes out to our KISStroyer fans & crew, Paul Stanley and Doc McGee, Crown Live and the amazing crew and staff there (Scrooge, Will, Carmel, Cam and Col ), George Xiro ?Mokbel? and the Australian KISS Army, Brad Willets at Music Link and of course the sensational Rockstar House Band - Nate, Paul, Rafael and Sasha - YOU GUYS ROCK!

Also a big shout out and thank you go out to our friends in BJORN AGAIN. It was great seeing you, and thanks for dropping in. You guys are amazing! Next stop: Rock for Kids - May 4th @ Docklands

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