Monsters Of Rock 8 - Not Far Away!!

MONSTERS OF ROCK is an 8 year Rock Tribute tradition, phenomena, Institution and event which has developed a cult like following and toured throughout the country.

This years line up has a little something for everyone:- KISS (with the fab KISSTROYER), GUNS n ROSES - (with APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION), AC/DC - (with HIGH VOLTAGE), METALLICA - (with BINGE & PURGE) and more.

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Whether it’s raising money for Childrens Charities, touring Asia or the United Arab Emirates, appearing on Nationally Televised TV shows like 60Minutes or Spicks and SPECKS, doing a Radio Spot on TRIPLE Ms Pete & Myf Show or entertaining KISS front man PAUL STANLEY, this band has just about done it all in relation to being a tribute! Catch KISSTROYER in full flight this MONSTERS of ROCK amidst a huge PYRO show, walls of MARSHALLS, a huge LIGHT up KISS LOGO, Light up Stairs, HOT DREAMS dancers, guitar smoking, firebreathing, guitar smashing & blood spitting! All the mayhem you would expect from a KISS show, coupled in with a blend of the classics and some rarities!

APPETITE for DESTRUCTION have been doing there thing for nearly 10 years and there are no signs of letting up. The band has gone from strength to strength, touring every corner of this fabulous country and they will be ready to tear it up GNR style for you this MONSTERS ROCK!

HIGH VOLTAGE exploded onto the scene drawing immediate praise for its high level of authenticity sonically and visually. HIGH VOLTAGE is made up of some the Tribute Scenes most colorful performers from the most successful Tribute Bands in the country. A young, energetic Angus (Sean Walsh) who has years of experience as Angus Young. Chris “Axl” Wicks as the enigmatic Brian Johnson coupled with a rhythm section that would be the envy of most. Gone are the days where it is permissible to suggest that an AC/DC show doesn’t require bells and whistles and merely a stage, a couple of amplifiers and a minimalistic light show. This is modern polished AC/DC with all the energy of classic in their prime AC/DC..HIGH VOLTAGE has it all, from stacks of Marshalls, to huge light up logos. Authentic AC/DC guitars by Gibson, Gretsch, Fender and a huge light show to compliment it.

BINGE & PURGE live, breathe and portray METALLICA with an uncanny accuracy. Never before at an MOR event has one of the earlier bands got an audience so into the set and up front as BINGE & PURGE did last year. This is one amazing show which captures all the sweat and energy of what METALLICA is. With the METALLICA tour having not long left our shores, what better way to reminisce.


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