Ruby's Wrap

We would like to thank everyone who turned up to Ruby's Lounge last night, we had a blast on stage! It was fantastic to see quite a number of new faces in the crowd going crazy alongside the KISStroyer faithful. Speaking of which, we must thank those who traveled quite some distance to see the show last night. It's quite humbling and flattering to step on stage and see people from the other side of town standing front row, dead center - thank you guys! You know who you are!

With such a vocal crowd it's hard to end the show but on the flip side it means that we have the chance to catch up with everyone to express our thanks for such great support. The reasons we play are because we enjoy playing live and we love KISS. Having people give us the love and support we receive makes the labor of putting on a show seem like a breeze.

Shortly we will have new photos on our site after some long delays, with a few being from last night.

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