KISS March Interview

It has been just over a month since KISS fans and KISStroyer rocked the foundations of the Hi Fi Bar in Melbourne to show their support for the recognition of KISS' right to be included in the Rock 'n' Roll All Of Fame in America. Since then DVD footage from the night has been edited to be screened at the upcoming march that will take place in Cleveland on August 5th 2006.

Recently an interview has appeared online with Paul Carpenter whom is leading the KISS Army in their assault on the Hall Of Fame. In the interview he thanks those who have pitched in and helped out in getting the voice of the KISS Army heard worldwide.

We were honoured to have taken place in helping the Australian KISS Army have their collective voices heard at the Hi Fi show we held. The night was an great success and an extremely vocal crowd has certainly got their message across to America!

For those who haven't seen the interview here is a link to one of the many sites with a copy of it:

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