Alright Hobart!

KISStroyer also got one of the best - a crowd of over 2,000 locals (many of which were adorned in KISS make up), a pyrotechnical display which would rival an actual KISS show and a tour organiser who went to the absolute finest detail to ensure the band's stay in the southern most part of our country was not only easy but also very comfortable. A huge thank you goes out to Nick and Shannon!

Thanks largely to an amazing advertising campaign which consisted of TV, radio and large ads in major papers there was much talk around town of the KISStroyer show. It seemed everyone knew about it in some way, shape or form. Couple this with the amazing War Pigs kicking off proceedings and the evening was always going to be a success. There was even talk on the radio the day after the show discussing everything from the show itself to reported UFO sightings above the showgrounds as the band was playing!

Look out for articles, press releases, photos and video clips online very soon. Until then you can visit, where renowned photographer Graeme Plenter is currently displaying his impressive photos from the show capturing both bands in their full glory. Graeme has photographed the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Lenny Kravitz, Nickelback, U2, INXS, Green Day and Motley Crue (and not to mention the fact he's a top guy!).

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