Rock The Nation

What a big month it has been for KISS and KISStroyer alike. Spurred on by the recent Rock the Nation tour, band activity accelerated into overdrive!

First stop - front page news in the major journal around Melbourne’s South East. Heavily promoting KISS’ Rock The Nation Tour at the Brass show there were KISS concert ticket giveaways and tour posters on offer. In the words of the great Paul Stanley, things were definitely hot inside as a two hour show of classic KISS was the order of the day on a cold, wet and windy Melbourne night.

Next we were contacted by an undisclosed source to host and organise a KISS after party to be hosted at Shamiana restaurant after the second Melbourne KISS concert. Numbers were limited and the package offered included a Heaven concert ticket and access to the after party. Gene Simmons and Eric Singer were in attendance on the night and all that attended had a great time.

Our recovery party at The Metro the following week capped off a brilliant week of KISS for Melbourne fans.
For those in attendance were to witness a pyrotechnic and lighting spectacle unmatched by other venues.
All this was naturally the cream on the cake of a yet another great performance. All this amidst classic KISS footage on a giant screen, beautiful Spearmint Rhino girls and merchandise as far as the eye could see (brought to you by STRIKE).

Before the group could catch their collective breath, we were all boarding Virgin Airlines to head north to the sun and fun of the Gold Coast. Belting out another two hour set for the fans of the Sunshine State and being assisted onstage by the beautiful “Players Showgirls” - it was a tiring weekend for more reasons than one!

The "rocket ride" continued upon landing back in Melbourne. Leading into the much anticipated Mercury Lounge debut on the Friday night, Good Morning Australia contacted the band and organise an early Friday morning live telecast of “Sure Know Something” across the nation (why on Earth does TV land wake so damned early in the morning though? haha). With energy levels deteriorating after a huge month and a very long day (the band was up from 5am) the boys would have been forgiven for a lacking performance that night. But this was not the case though and we're sure the packed Mercury Lounge would lay testament to that. With no logo, no girls, no pyro, no guitar smashing, no fire breathing and no smoking guitar (thanks to the Crown Casino red tape and policies) the band stepped up to challenge delivering our best performance to date. In true KISS style, we burst onto the stage with 'I Stole Your Love' and powered through a great mix of classic KISS hits to a huge crowd which was whipped into a frenzy!

We would like to thank everyone for their loyal support and help. Now, we eagerly look forward to Geelong! See you all there!

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