I Love It Loud!

Rev heads and music fans were left stunned and disappointed on Saturday night with the news that KISStroyer would not be headlining the night's entertainment. No sooner we arrived in Bathurst, and before we even had a chance to suit up and plug in, local law enforcement stepped in with concerns about the impending sonic assault that was scheduled to commence at midnight. Due to the circumstances at hand the band was left with no choice other than to surrender the event.

Although the situation was clearly out of our control and we sincerely apologise to anyone who traveled to Bathurst to see the show. It was unfortunate that last minute legal issues and some people with too much time on their hands ultimately brought about the demise of what was set to be an enormous show.

On the bright side, we had time to meet some great people over the weekend who tried their very best to get the show off the ground. Rest assured the band has already commenced work on setting up a new date to play in Bathurst once the Oxford Tavern completes major renovations in the new year.

Expect further updates over the next fortnight and be sure to check back often as we have some great news coming up!

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