In Press Review Of Monsters Of Rock

Issue 781
Wednesday 17th September 2003

"Teamed up with In Halen (Van Halen) and Bad Medicine (Bon Jovi), KISStroyer promised a night that would shake the very foundations of the Hi-Fi Bar. With what seemed like a truckload of Marshall amps, rockin' warm up tunes and free fake tatts for all, intimidation was the key.

"KISStroyer have the tribute thing down pat. From the moment they entered the stage they were treated like royalty. And why not? If you ignore the slight differences, it's easy to be convinced. KISStroyer played all the right songs and sent the crowd into a fury! The band members are spot on with their dress, instruments and actions. And the way they lurk around the stage is seriously scary. It's hard to tell why the members of tribute bands do this; is it the money, chicks or "fame"? But in KISStroyer's case it seems to be a genuine love of the music, which is refreshing."

By Catherine Hogan

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