Two Timer

What a weekend for KISStroyer. Two great shows in two fantastic towns over two states.

Friday night KISStroyer played the Shepparton RSL to a packed room whipping the crowd into a frenzy from the word go. The response was overwhelming with patrons ripping down KISStroyer posters in the venue & requesting autographs and photos after the show, really amazing stuff! A big thank you goes out to the people off Shepparton for a very memorable day. Driving into town and seeing the huge KISStroyer billboard up on the venue was a real buzz, we can't wait to come back.

Not to be outdone in any way, Griffith packed in over 500 people to see the band take it to the next level, from the sounding of that famous KISS bass note to the final chord and destruction of a guitar it was sheer mayhem! Us "Mexicans" had a ball and can't wait to venture north of the border again.

Many KISS fans at the shows were impressed with the attention to detail, authenticity and the energy on display over the two nights. Griffith especially went crazy for “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” which will be appearing as a video clip on our site shortly.

A million thanks goes out to everyone who come and cheered and supported us over the weekend, you guys make it all worthwhile, especially those who were kind enough to share their thoughts in our guestbook. A big thank you goes out to Mark & Jen for their help over the weekend, Ray & Moose for your professionalism and fun, you guys were awesome and a very special thank you to our friend Brad who come up to Shepparton to lend a helping hand. Thanks mate.

Bathurst on race weekend – we can’t wait!

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