I'm A Legend Tonight

Geelong made us feel more than alright on Saturday night. Nearly 300 people crammed into the Barwon Club for an extended session of KISStroyer pumping out nearly 2 and a half hours of KISS tunes. The boys weren't allowed to leave the stage after two hours with an extremely vocal and warming audience wanting more. An extra 5 songs were played on the spot and the house went nuts for unexpected extras including Sure Know Something, Strutter and New York Groove. We would like to thank everyone in attendance on the night for making us feel so welcome, and we can promise you now - we'll be back for more!

A secret that we kept up our sleeves until after the show was that Geelong marked our one year anniversary for live shows. That's right, KISStroyer has only just turned one! One year and a one day to be exact. Although many people thought we were "having them on" after the show it is a fact, but we promise it is only early days yet and we are planning on sticking around for a while to come.

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