Change Is Coming

Welcome to our new site layout, we hope you all like what you see. It was quite a bit of hard work redeveloping the site and then implementing the changes, but it looks to be well worth it! With these changes in place the site should now be settled for quite a while. If any of you have specific feedback on the site please don't hesitate and drop an e-mail to:

We are now only 7 days away from our first show out of Melbourne. All reports indicate a big turnout is expected on the night. If you aren't sure about going or are planning on getting to the event late you may want to change your plans and get in early to avoid being disappointed.

And last, but not least, Steve has got in on the act of getting gear upgraded and will have a few new toys on debut for Ballarat. I'm sure all the drummers in attendance will be impressed by what they see.

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