KISSTROYER Welcomes New Family

As some of you have already heard (and seen) we have had some new additions to the family recently. Making a debut the night of the KISS Recovery Party was Matt's new acquisition, an Ibanez PS10-2. For the non musicians out there this was the re-released version of Paul's original 70's guitar the Ibanez PS10. The guitar was released in 1995 and Matt was lucky to make the purchase at a bargain price all the way from the States.

Not to be outdone, Andrew has raised the stakes yet again. Not only did he have a black Les Paul Custom fall into his hands two weeks before the last show, but has now purchased another guitar. The guitar in question is an Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul! Made to Ace's exact requirements this guitar is designed for the ultimate KISS tone. Expect to see it premier at our show in Ballarat!

These guitars are kept under lock and key at a warehouse in Melbourne with all our equipment and staging. Having cool equipment like this means that we ensure we are always looking after them, cause they look after us!

Onto another weird question that was asked of us lately, our photos. Someone actually asked us if all our photos are real. We figured that we would answer that question here just the clear up matters. All photos of that appear on this website are 100% real and are not faked in any way.

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