Storm In A Teacup Of Tidal Wave

The response for the Official KISS Recovery Party thus far has been enormous. We thank all you KISS fans who can't wait to "shout it out loud" and "rock 'n' roll all nite"!

Naturally when something is going well, there are those with opposing views that prefer to rock the boat and TRY to cause trouble. A lot of our advertising around town has been sabotaged! (with the date and venue section of the posters are being ripped off, basically someone sending us a message that they are doing this deliberately). We find the desperation of others amusing (in this case). We draw great resolve and strength, knowing that others feel so threatened to act in such a way!

We would like to send a special cheereo and challenge to these are you going to stop our half page spread in the HIT Magazine section of the Herald Sun reaching its 500,000 + readers? Good Luck !

For all the KISStroyer fans, we thank you for the enormous support you have given us over the last few weeks. We look forward to seeing you all at the party.

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