Anyone Got A Shoehorn?

Within a week of announcing the KISS Recovery Party on this web page we have received in excess of 300 e-mails from people all around the world wanting tickets to the show! When we say from around the world, we mean that 90% of all enquiries are from people overseas who are coming to see KISS and plan on sticking around to see us in action. How cool is that!

On top of that, we haven’t even begun to advertise the show locally with only a few SMS messages being sent out to our close friends around town! Being that the Hi Fi holds around 700 people we are looking at being jam packed on the night.

For those of you that are regulars to our site you may have noticed a few changes to the layout and the content. Over the last 48 hours we have added the following items to the Multimedia section:

  • Three new audio clips
  • Four KISStroyer screensavers
  • A KISStroyer wallpaper
  • Two KISStroyer mobile phone logos

We hope you all enjoy the new aspects of our site. While doing so remember this: there is more to come!

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