Welcome to 2003

A new year and a new direction to accompany it. The New Years Eve show was certainly one of the more interesting (read difficult!) shows the we have put on. Capacity issues with electricity causing the lights to drop out, a case of food poisoning for Matt only an hour before the show (Tip: Never eat from 24 hour service stations!) and a plethora of other technical issues....all the things which make playing live a pleasure! The show was nearly called off but we decided to march on once we saw the audience starting to pile up downstairs. Overall the show went well, everyone we spoke to after the show seemed to thoroughly enjoy the night and were full of praise for the band. A big boost for us on the night was how loud the audience was, you guys (and girls) were CRAZY! You made us feel very special and we appreciate it enormously.

Over the next week we will be putting up great new photos and video clips from the show. If any of you have photos from the night we would love to see them.

For those of you that were unable to attend on the night, below are a few of the new additions that you folks requested and we premiered on the night:

  • The KISS bass note intro and curtain drop
  • Paul's new "Love Gun" costume
  • New songs, including Nothin' To Lose, Heaven's On Fire, Cold Gin, War Machine and Talk To Me

In the early stages of the year we are looking to finalise details for shows in and around Melbourne. We look forward to entertaining you all in 2003. We would like to thank everyone that supported us through the year...with special thanks to Sandra, Mary, Heather, Josie, Fiona, Shirley, Michael, Rob, Enzo, Harry, Mendo (Super Nintendo) and Tom from the P.A. People.

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